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All work and no play make Jerky a dull boy

So if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been busy lately. As I sit here babysitting a 4-hour file transfer for work, I am realizing that I’ve been working waaaaaay too much lately. The good news is that I do good work, and make sure that stuff gets done. The bad news is that it comes at […]

Duh-Awards #1

So I haven’t been terribly productive lately, but I am still around and still working on my game/prototype. I’ll have some more posts soon. I blame all the insane projects I have been working on at work and the fact that my wife is due any second with our second.

Despite the excuses, I saw […]


So I was reading TIG yesterday about an interview with Braid-creator Jonathan Blow. It seemed like a pretty good read, and I had nothing better to do, so I read some of the comments. It didn’t take long to see that TIG is full of anonymous children who think TIG is their playground to whine […]